vineri, 15 ianuarie 2010

Two Windows great tips

So, if you have a netbook, no optical unit, untill now, it was really hard for you to install Win7. You’d have to go to a lot of crap to create just a simple bootable usb. No, a great tool has been released: Microsoft Windows 7 bootable usb creator. You can get it here. You just have to install it by following a simple step by step wizard. All you need is your Win7 iso and a pendrive.

Second tip goes to all of you whom just bought a new Windows machine. OEMs are paid by software companies to install on new machines, all kinds of trial software. Basically they sell you a computer that runs slow because it’s filled with crapware. PCDecrapifier is a tool that does your job of cleaning up. Get it here. All you have to do is  a simple “Next” sequence, to get in neat shape again. The first elements that the software prompts you to remove, are the start-up programs that you don’t need, and then lists all your installed software, so you could again do a through job. Just remember, at the beginning of the wizard to create a restore point so you can undo something bad with the Windows Restore system.

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