luni, 23 noiembrie 2009

Google Chrome OS

In early July, Google acknowledged that they are working at an operating system. A system that, like most everything that falls within the Google boundaries, is linked to the internet. Today, the people at Google have officially presented the Google Chrome OS. No, not ready, still in testing. Here is a small description of the OS. Source:

The second interesting thing I found, is a small explanation, why Google Chrome OS will be so fast in booting up.

You want my honest opinion? We are moving in this direction, yes, of a Cloud operating system, but, we are not moving fast enough. It will be a long time until the end-user will accept that all his data is stored online, and until there will be enough online applications so we could use a Cloud OS. Basically if you have a netbook, that could be permanently connected to the internet, and you only use it, let's say, to watch videos, or use social networks, or even manage documents, it's okay, but if you want to use, maybe Photoshop, or Pinnacle (two random examples), you will have to move your work to a desktop that runs Windows/Linux/Mac OS.
And let's not forget about the future Microsoft Windows Azure. And so a new war begins.

joi, 19 noiembrie 2009

Windows 7 - change logon screen

So, Windows 7 is out, it's a great OS, very stable, a lot faster than Vista, I've been using it for about 3 or 4 months now... Basicly I'm gonna show you a little piece of software, that let's you change de LogOn screen (that's the screen that appears when you boot up your windows, or when you press Ctrl+Alt+Delete). Just download TweaksLogon and run it. It's clean I've checked it myself. Now just run it, and press Change Logon Screen. There you will be prompted to input a JPG image. If the program says that the image is too large, it must be wright, so let it resize it. Then you will get a confirmation message. To test it just press Test or Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Have a great weekend everybody!

vineri, 13 noiembrie 2009

We are back in business... Easy WiFI network creation

So, after TUBUBlog i decided it's time for a new one so I can use it to inform you about all the IT&C crap I come upon and find interesting.
Today I'm coming to you with a small tutorial about how to create a ad-hoc WiFi network, using and single computer that has both a cable Internet connection that you wold like to share via wireless. The program we need is Bzeek. Installing and setting up is extremely easy, if there is a active cable connection, the program will create a WiFi network "Free Wi-Fi", with no security, changes that you can modify later. All you have the do is connect the other device to the network... Piece of pie right?

Have fun playing with it!